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Are you struggling to hire top data & software engineers?

Are you up against the Big corporations for hiring tech talent ?

Are you bombarded with recruiting tools claiming to solve your hiring challenge?

Is the talent gap slowing your growth ?

Do you feel stuck – on hiring engineers, running harder and harder each day and not seeing better results?

Is your product / solution keeping pace with constantly evolving marketplace?

Is culture fit a concern for you?

Some of our experts are in Silicon Valley, the hub of startups. We help several startups struggling with these same problems.

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A team of Cutting-edge Data & software engineers would scale your business exponentially

Hire top engineers with us in 3 easy steps

1) Understanding your goal


Our Hiring experts sit with you and discuss your unique hiring needs, your company culture  and technology stack.

2) Strategy for you


We build a customized hiring strategy based on you hiring goals , skill sets, team dynamics, culture fit and budget

3) Deliver results


With our “Hiring framework” devised for startups, we identify, screen and present you right candidates with a 100% performance guarantee

For Startups talent gap is a big risk, tipping the scales towards failure.

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