About US

We are a technology consulting services company based in Silicon Valley with clients all over the U.S. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.                                                                                                                                    Business & Tech Leaders work with us to build products & solutions to create the change that matters.

We help companies Unlock the Power of Data, AI, and Cloud.


Our technology services and solutions assure trust, propelling clients to transform, grow, and operate with confidence.


We are a team of tech professionals passionate about helping clients build their pathbreaking products & solutions. We come from diverse background (Data engineering, AI, Cloud & Cyber Security). We are solving the technology problems that we once faced.

We have firsthand experience with technologies, witnessing how the right solutions can drive organizations to new heights. 

We blend engineering talent with business insight to create solutions and products that generate new enterprise value.

“CAXUS”, what’s in the name?……know the story

We were thinking of a unique name. We pressed out creative buttons and came up with few words, they sounded like Greek mythology names,…….obviously none worked. Then we thought of our moto behind starting the company. We wanted to Create Exponential Success for our clients through our services.  Aha….we got an idea. Blended the three words “Create” “Exponential” & “Success”  at high speed. In few seconds jumped out a super charged and enthusiastic word CAXUS. Raring to go CAXUS was definitely unique, but Uniqueness came with a challenge of pronunciation. Some Called SEXUS….sounded sexy, but…..Some called Texas…..it made us popular in Texas, but…

Hey , What’s the right pronunciation? The “C” is pronounced as in “Cat” and rest as in Texas ( that’s why we have put a Cat’s picture.)Hmm….but the image has a Dog as well smile. That’s just to keep the balance and harmony between the dog and cat lovers. Well….we love animals.

CaxusTech is your go-to consulting partner

We combine the power of people and process to drive end-to-end digital transformation

Business Outcome Strategy:

We start with defining define clear success metrics to establish value. Analyze your current process and identify pain points and opportunities. Develop a project plan tailored to your specific needs and processes.

Empathetic User-Centric Designs:

We prioritize empathy for users, be it customers or employees. Our approach includes quantitative and qualitative methods to understand motivations and desires. By engaging with users, we ensure easy-to-use solutions that provide immediate value.”

Immediate ROI Delivery:

Although custom solutions require investment, they offer a unique advantage for growing companies. Our goal is to implement your tailored solution efficiently, ensuring a quick return on your investment.

Ensuring Long-Term Success:

Beyond the launch, we provide ongoing maintenance, backlog management, and innovation checkpoints for your projects. We’ll be there for the long-haul, handling hosting, maintenance, and management to ensure efficiency, cost savings, and sustained functionality.

Our Core Beleifs:


  • Client Delight: We’re obsessed with wowing our clients, going above and beyond to exceed their expectations.
  • Pioneering Spirit: We lead by example, setting the standard in our industry and inspiring others to follow suit.
  • Honest Hearts: Integrity and transparency are our guiding principles, ensuring sincerity in all our actions.
  • Fairness First: We believe in being objective and focused on win-win solutions, earning trust every step of the way.
  • Unyielding Excellence: We’re on a journey of constant improvement, striving to be the absolute best in all we do.

We are here to help you with your complex hiring needs. Whether you’re looking for

contract staffing/temporary help or a permanent addition to your team, our staffing experts will help you with the best resources for your position.

Product Manager

Data Scientist

Full-Stack engineer

Data Engineer

Big Data (Hadoop, NOSQL, Spark)

Kubernetes Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

Python Developer

Blockchain Developer

Devops Engineer

Find Engineers That’s Right For You

Let us know what you need. Whether it’s a data scientist, data engineer, software programmer or a niche resource you need, our team can handle it.